Harper’s Bazaar – "Subtle Sheen"

This story was shot in the magnificently restored Bhau Daji Lad, Mumbai’s oldest museum. A beautiful but challenging place to shoot, we needed to avoid all the glass display cases. We managed to do this by shooting at a relatively low angle and lighting the space so that the background would fall off but the foreground and ceiling were illuminated.

Background was lit by strobe with reflectors and the model was lit mostly with a softbox or beauty dish on a boom stand.

The museum is a fantastic place to learn about Bombay’s unique colonial history.

Fashion Editor: Ekta Rajani
Model: Tinu Verghese
Makeup & Hair: Tanuja Dabir
Fashion Stylist: Allia Al Rufia
Photographed by Martin Prihoda for Harper’s India
Location: Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Byculla, Mumbai


3 Responses to “Harper’s Bazaar – "Subtle Sheen"”

  1. Gorgeous shots, as always! That is a beautiful museum…what an honor to be able to shoot there.

  2. Wow Martin, gorgeous! I am envious of your talent and your good fortune.

  3. Inspiring work. Living the dream in such a wonderful country

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