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Its been ten years and I can’t believe I’m back here. 

I love India. The noise, the chaos, the smell, the people, the food, all of it. This country has a remarkable ability to hide absolutely nothing from you. She’s like a great mother, wrathful and senseless yet at times vulnerable, innocent and nurturing. I can see how some never want to return but not me…for some reason I feel so alive here; senses on fire constantly. 
India forces you to live in the present in a way the West doesn’t. If its not a rickshaw almost running you over then its the pungent odor of rotting meat on the side of the road mixed with burning incense. Perhaps thats why its also so exhausting… sometimes I feel two hours out in the streets bartering with hawkers or fending off beggars is equal to a full day back home. Nothing really works in and of itself yet as a whole the energetic movement of the country seems to move with an organic like flow. 
Its is indeed a land of paradox; at one moment sane, civilized and progressive and the next blaring, elitist, sexist and stinky. Did I mention yet that I love every nonsensical moment of it?
We’re still settling in here in Mumbai so check back for updates.

Big Lights Far Away, Part Deux

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I absolutely love to teach, I’m realizing that more and more. Passing on knowledge and sharing what I’m passionate about is such a gift. I can see that as I offer the part of myself that lives in that ecstatic state of creativity, what I’m really engaging in with students is our common humanity. 

A big part of teaching is realizing as well, that we are the student as much as we are the teacher. Technical information is important no doubt, but what people remember far more than anything are those inspiring words of guidance that get them through their darker days.
That is what I remember most from my great teachers. Not necessarily what they taught so much as the smile, the encouragement, their belief in my inherent success…those are the values that I believe will heal the world. 
and thats how i try to teach.
Our second ever Big Lights Far Away seminar took place the weekend of feb 6-8, 2009 in my home town of Vancouver. Special thanks to everyone who came out, you guys were amazing. We got some great shots this past weekend so check them out!
below are the members of the funk band Ten Souljers
and the soulful Adam Woodall